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smdarrel asked: you should change the "ask me anything" to "ask us anything." also, are you thinking of expanding this blog to include other people?


We’ll change it when we can, thanks! :D and.. This is sort of a personal blog just so the two of us can keep track of things~ :)

1 year ago


Hey, it’s Sam.

It’s 4 am and I can’t sleep. Want to hear a really fucking funny story? No?  Well I don’t care. This actually isn’t that funny either… It’s just stupid, I guess.

In case you didn’t know, my mom is kind of crazy. The bipolar, unreasonable kind. I’m not trying to offend her or anything; I mean it in the most technical un-exaggerated way.

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1 year ago

oh dear

Yo, it’s Sam here. Guys, I know this probably won’t make any sense and something is definitely wrong with me.

So, last Sunday, I was really bored and at this bazaar with my mom and I saw this guy looking at me and his friend. Let’s call his friend; Adam. And the guy that was looking; Joe. I’m so creative with names, i know.

Anyways, because Joe was kinda looking at me, I noticed Adam. omfg. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone good looking, because trust me, I have seen such gorgeous people and some of my friends are actually pretty good looking. But something about Adam made me really notice him. I was basically just walking around the bazaar with my mom and they were both walking around in circles and just talking. (I was there for about 2 hours so imagine how many times i saw them)

Something about Adam’s aura made me really really… I don’t know, interested? I mean, I think it’s because even if he wasn’t the most GORGEOUS person… He looked like my exact type of guy. This is basically everything I picked up on. 

He was skinny, the nerdy cute kind. He had short neat hair and he had a the cute innocent but teenager kind of face. You know how you see two friends talking, and they look like they’re having an interesting conversation because of their facial expressions and hand gestures? Yeah, that was the way they were talking. Oh and you know how d-bags give off this kind of aura too? He gave off the exact opposite one.

I had no idea why, but after we left the bazaar to go the mall right next to it, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. In the way, I really wished I could see him again or something. For the whole entire week I was calling myself crazy about how much it kept popping into my head. Nearing the weekend I was already telling myself to completely stop thinking about it.

But I couldn’t. Fate hates me. I was walking in the mall with my brother on Saturday and we were going to the arcade. And right across from me, I see those two guys again. Only for a second though because apparently, I was walking the wrong way. ughhh. Later on, they pass us and for around 10 minutes… they’re both walking in front of us and I’m just like, “omg. it’s you. what are you doing here. why am I seeing you. hdjfhjfds”

I play COD btw, and me and my brother were talking about it. I think Adam heard because he turned around to look at me twice. In my head I was just thinking “omfg, you just looked at me. hsajkdhaskdj” ahahah basically, I was flipping out…. and then, we separated paths.

Now it’s Monday, and I’m almost 100% sure there is NO WAY of ever seeing him THREE times. I think, just a theory, the reason why I was so hung up over him was because he LOOKED like my type and I fell in love with the idea of him. He’s like a celebrity crush to me.

I don’t even know his real name. Bye, Adam~ It was nice thinking about you.

Oh dear, i complete stranger is stuck in my head. Wtf is wrong with me.

Perpetually hungry and awkward,

Stupid Sam~

1 year ago

okay so i found out that someone likes Ray’s sister. who’s like 18. I’vebeen acually dropping hints. idk if she’s noticed. I’m basically just waiting for her to ask if i know anyone that likes her. he’s pretty goodlookin too.


1 year ago


I really don’t understand how and why people are talking to me now. I’m pretty sure i look the same. I find it so weird.

I mean, I’m was never exactly popular. I’m still not popular, but people are noticing me and i just think that’s amazing. I’m so baffled.

1 year ago


Oh my fucking gosh. So there was this Halloween party on Saturday, that i go to basically every year now. This dude named Morgan throws it. I have fun, but it’s more of a get together type-thing.

For the past 3 times i went to this guys house I’ve seen this one friend he has. Let’s call him Eric. So, I always had this kinda crush on Eric but we never talked. I’m not sociable enough to talk first~ (if you can’t tell, I’m an awkward-ass mofo.)

So I don’t really know how it happened but i talked to Eric, somehow. We didn’t say much… But we happened to keep agreeing with what the other was saying.

So in the room there was only Ray, Eric, A couple, and me. Ray was going to get something and I said i didn’t wanna go so she was all like


and i just wanted to die. She kept making fun of us. ;___;

He didn’t show much signs of liking me other then saying “awhh.” when i said i was leaving in 10 minutes.

I was hugging everyone goodbye and i hugged him and he was just super stiff, like a plank. His arms were to his side and he just stayed super still So, i felt bad and i said “Oh, you don’t like hugs very much, sorry~” he stuttered something out, i have no fucking idea what it was. 

Later on, I got home and got online.I was telling one of my friends about him. I realized I never actually told anyone i had a crush on him…

COINCIDENTALLY, at around 2 am Morgan started to message me and “subtly” added Eric into the convo. He was asking what I thought about him and told me to talk to him and shit. He said that Eric was passed out, but i have a feeling Eric was reading behind him.

There were a lot of  hints after that, that Eric liked me. Sunday, when i got back home from shopping with my mom I said hi to Eric on facebook, like I promised. Omfg, his band-mates added me on fb.

Basic points are, his friends were telling me about how he liked me and was apparently talking about me all day. I found it so amazing, how anyone liked me. Especially, that much. All the crap they were telling me he did and said. It was all adorable. He has no idea though, if he did, he’d probably murder them. He danced, when i said hi. Holy crap, I don’t wanna type it all out, but it was all so fucking dorky and cute. In case you didn’t know, I like the awkward types.

For the whole day, I was just chatting with Eric and his friends.

It’s 1 am, technically it’s already Monday. Morgan just told me what Eric was saying about me that night…
I asked him what Eric even liked about me because I didn’t understand. I baffles me to imagine someone liking me that much..

Morgan basically said (I fixed the grammar to make it less… chat-like.)

He says you’re ultimatly perfect. I was asleep for half of it, sorry. But what I caught was;
that he liked your glasses, your hair was very smooth, you seemed very huggable/cuddleable.”

I didn’t even remember him touching my hair.

Morgan also said that Eric was keeping him up and:

"He also said something about the way you speak, or something to do with your speaking, he agreed with what you said, or something along the lines of that =D=D

When we chat, Eric is so not smooth, but in the cute way. He actually hasn’t even been in a relationship before, which is perf. For me at least. I wish i could just copy paste ALL the sweet shit. But I won’t, so yeah. Thanks for listening~

I’m only giving you guys the quick story. It’s so damn hard to type everythinnggg.


1 year ago

screw this

Hey, it’s Sam. Woot woot. partayyyy time.

Yeah, I know I’m cool. So lately, I’ve been thinking about James. If you didn’t know… he was my best friend, we were so damn close. But shit happens. Anyways, we aren’t that close anymore and i don’t even see him anymore… So I don’t understand why the actual fuck he’s on my mind 24/7. Outta sight, outta mind right? no. lies. Outta sight, in my mind 24-fucking-7.

It sucks to like him ‘cause it’s not the healthy kind of like… if that exists.. Therefore, I am trying to like someone else that will never love me just to keep my mind of him.

So far, no one is as nice as he is, charming, and funny. *cries*

I don’t even care if the person likes me or something, i just need to focus on someone OTHER than James.


James is my old best friend. I always helped him with this girl he liked and gave him advice and we were really tight. I liked him. He liked me too at one point but our timing never right. Now, he goes to another school and has a girlfriend. Everyone thinks that the fact he has a girlfriend kills me. But it’s really the fact that we don’t talk. I’m actually happy he finally found a girl worth him~


1 year ago

So far…

Things are never what they seem, a person who you thought was deep, is actually a shallow bastard. One minute you have a best friend, the next you have an enemy.  Lies are something you always know deep inside but sometimes you chose to ignore.  People are always lying, but they aren’t the stupid ones, you are, for believing them.

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2 years ago

Forever Bro-Zoned

Guy:Girls are so complicated.
Sam:Waaait---I'M a girl.
Guy:Well... You aren't really like one. :D
Sam:*Forever Bro-Zoned*
2 years ago

21 Things.

Random shizznit off the top of our heads.

1. We are best friends starting this blog to keep track of all the shit going on in our lives.

2. We are one of the closest best friends. Ever. EVER.

3. We are 14 going on 15 this 2012.

4. We are Home-schooled. We aren’t the annoying stereotypical kind, for all you judging people out there.

5. We will curse. We are not liable for any trauma due to the overuse of the F-word. (Or any other words.)

6. We can be total bitches if we tried. Good thing, we have morals. (We’ve seen cautionary tales.)

7. We’re both girls.

8. We act like dudes. But we still are girly in other ways.

9. We are not as unsociable as you’d think. We’re just incredibly awkward in specific ways.

10. We are extremely lazy. Lazy people can find the fastest way to get shit done.

11. This sounds contradictory but, we’re also really fucking hyper.

12. We don’t do drugs ‘cause we already act high.

13. We act like 5 year olds.

14. We are still very rational. People that hear us when we aren’t being complete fucktards call us really mature.

15. We’ll try to update this as much as possible and try to give you a recap on the previous shit.

16. You probably don’t care about our life. That’s fine—-WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOURS EITHER.

17. Just kidding. We care. If you don’t care, just stop reading. If you do, feel free to read/comment/etc..

18. Another thing, we find it fun to be bitter. But we never actually mean it. SO don’t take our bitter comments seriously.

19. We are very sarcastic people. Deal with it.

20. We both have dysfucntional families.

21. We kinda went over. This number is just to say bye. Thank you if you’ve read this far, see yuhhh.

-Ray and Sam


We’ll be putting an Ray/Sam at the end of each post so you guys know who wrote what.

2 years ago